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Interactions in the modern world are no longer hampered by distance. Political, social and economic events in Beijing, China, can affect families in Tucson, Arizona, and advances in technology and shifts in culture have broadened local focus to include international understanding. 

Global Studies help students develop a deeper and more meaningful appreciation of the world and its history, diverse cultures and customs, geography and economics. Assumption’s professors provide perspective on what it means to be a true citizen of the world through a wide range of interdisciplinary courses designed to broaden students' horizons while simultaneously helping them understand how the pieces fit together to create the world we live in.

Students are prepared to enter careers in private business, international organizations, international business, government and nonprofit organizations.

Majors and Minors

Majoring in Global Studies 

A major in Global Studies provides students with an opportunity to explore the problems facing our increasingly interconnected world, with a particular emphasis on regions outside Europe and the United States. Through a carefully selected set of courses from across the curriculum students are not only given the tools necessary to understand contemporary global issues, but are also empowered to respond effectively. In addition to required coursework, students are expected to complete a semester abroad where they benefit from immersion in a different place and culture. Students majoring in Global Studies may pursue careers in international business, media, education, law, government, or the non-profit sector.

Minor in Global Studies

A minor in Global Studies allows a student to add a global dimension to their program of study. By combining courses in geography, economics, history and political science students choosing to minor in Global Studies acquire an understanding of contemporary global issues that can complement many majors.