Computer Science

Course Information

Program Overview

Technology is progressing at warp speed and the demand to help drive innovation in the modern world continues to rise. When you study computer science at Assumption you develop a solid foundation in computer programming and further your knowledge of computer hardware and software. You also gain an appreciation for the social and ethical implications of technology.

In the classrooms and labs at Assumption, computer science students calculate, compute and collaborate with others who are just as passionate about technology and programming as you are.

Major in Computer Science

The major consists of a total of 15 required courses, which comprise seven specifically required courses in computer science, five electives in computer science, and three courses in mathematics.

Minor in Computer Science

The minor consists of eight courses, which includes courses in programming, data structures, Calculus I and II.

Minor in Information Technology

The minor consists of six courses, which comprise two required courses, and four electives. Based on a student’s interests, he/she may take an Applied Track (for accounting majors), the Online Track (for marketing or organizational communications majors) or the Analytical Track (for students majoring in management or international business).


Students in mathematics or computer science may choose to take advantage of Assumption’s engineering partnership with the University of Notre Dame, one of the nation’s leading engineering universities.