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Program Overview

Biology Degree at Assumption College

Biology is the study of life. Biologists explore the mysteries of life at the cellular, organismal and population levels.

Whether you want to use your Biology degree to study viruses or ecosystems, you gain extensive hands-on laboratory experience, as well as strong support from and easy access to Assumption science faculty, who make classroom-based concepts meaningful and help develop your technical research skills. The state-of-the-art Testa Science Center located on-campus in Worcester, MA provides outstanding laboratory facilities to students pursuing a Biology major to test the complex and sophisticated scientific theories you learn in the classroom.

Natural sciences graduates have an 85% acceptance rate to medical schools, and an 83% acceptance rate to other types of graduate medical programs (dentistry and veterinary schools, etc.). Assumption has articulation agreements with highly competitive graduate programs to offer our students numerous opportunities for guaranteed admission and/or accelerated degrees or intensive scientific study.

Biology Major

Students who pursue a Biology degree take 16 courses in the sciences, with numerous options for biology students to choose which courses best suit their interests. Biology majors may also receive academic credit for up to two biology internships. In addition, students receive a strong grounding in the broader liberal arts and are prepared for careers in health care, research, industry, and education and for further study in graduate and professional schools.

Biology Minor

A minor in biology appeals to students who have an interest in a health-related field, regardless of their major. Biology minors take five natural sciences courses chosen in one on one consultation with a department advisor.