Women's Studies

Course Information

Program Overview

Women’s Studies isn’t just for women, it’s for everyone. The study of women offers new perspectives from which to better understand and view the world as well as the social relationships that define it.

Assumption’s interdisciplinary program seeks to explore and explain women and their roles through a variety of disciplines including history, literature, philosophy, psychology and sociology. Social fictions and realities about women continue to shape our world, and Assumption’s Women’s Studies helps students understand and analyze the constructs, and develop a more coherent, integrated view.

The program’s curriculum:

  • Emphasizes the full range of contributions of and the limited opportunities for women
  • Studies and appraises the experiences of women
  • Critically examines the thinking about women at various times and from various perspectives

Women’s Studies is especially valuable for students who intend to work in areas of policy, urban planning, business, social service, counseling or the law. Students may pursue internships focused on women’s issues in a variety of placements including educational or social service agency settings.


Students interested in Women’s Studies have the option of constructing a special major within the discipline with the approval of the Dean of Undergraduate Studies.


Students must take six courses, including the Women’s Studies I: Images “gateway course” from an array of Women’s Studies connected options.