Counseling Services FAQs

Who comes for counseling and why?

Counseling offers a safe place to explore issues that are affecting you, get help figuring out what your options are, and develop ideas about how to handle different situations. A counselor can provide objective feedback, offer some new ways to cope with situations, provide information about other resources, or just simply listen while you sort through an issue out loud.

What do students talk about in counseling?

Students can talk to personal counselors about roommate problems, homesickness, academic concerns, difficulty sleeping, relationship issues, anxiety, and much more. Any information you share in your personal counseling sessions is confidential. No one has access to what you say in your sessions or even that you are coming to the Student Development & Counseling Center (SDCC) for counseling unless you give written permission for your counselor to share that information. Anyone working at the SDCC is bound by confidentiality, including our work-study students.

How much do counseling services cost?

Counseling services at the SDCC are included in the tuition of full-time undergraduate students.